OpenFlow Switches

We continuously test Ryu with various OpenFlow v1.3 and v1.4 switches. You can check out what kinds of actions and matches work (or not).

Of course, the test suite is included in Ryu. So you can modify the existing test scenarios and add new scenarios. A test scenario is written in JSON without Python knowledge. An action test scenario is defining a packet to be sent, the actions, and an expected packet. For example, 'push_vlan' test scenerio is installing 'vlan vid' match flow, sending an IP packet, check out if a switch properly pushed a vlan header to the packet. Ryu can generate and parse wire-format of many network protocols.

OpenFlow 1.3 OpenFlow 1.4
Allied Telesis x510 Supported
Allied Telesis x930 Supported
Centec V350 Supported
CpQd Supported
Edge-Core AS4600-54T Supported
HP 2920 Supported
IBM RackSwitch G8264 Supported
Indigo Virtual Switch Supported
Lagopus Supported
LINC Supported Supported
NEC PF5220 Supported
NoviFlow NoviKit200 Supported
Open vSwitch Supported Supported
Open vSwitch (netdev) Supported Supported
Pica8 P-3290 Supported Supported
Trema Switch Supported